Just How Big Do Those Lottery Jackpots Get?

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“Winning the lottery” may not be a sound investment plan, but it’s paid off for a lucky few. Here are some of the biggest jackpots in U.S. history:

➡ $390,000,000. In 2007, two ticket holders (one from Georgia and another from New Jersey) split this Mega Millions jackpot, both choosing a lump-sum payout worth $116,957,083.

➡ $365,000,000. This was a Powerball jackpot in 2006, jointly held by eight co-workers at a meat processing plant in Nebraska. The lump-sum payout came to $177,270,519.67.

➡ $315,000,000. A group calling itself “the Lucky 7” invested in this winning ticket in 2005 and took a lump sum of $175,000,000.

➡ $314,900,000. A West Virginia man won a Powerball drawing in 2002, collecting a lump sum of $170,505,876

➡ $294,000,000. A woman in Lowell, MA was the sole winner of a July 2005 Mega Millions jackpot, taking home $168,480,412.

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