Get (sort of) Rich…(sort of) Quick…

Get (sort of) Rich…(sort of) Quick… Need to make some extra cash? You probably won’t get rich with these money-generating ideas, but you can take the results to the bank (even if it’s only your piggy bank):

✦ Sell photos to stock photo websites. Stock photography sites offer generic photos of landscapes, animals, and other nonspecific subjects to designers and publishers. Go through your travel photos or your pictures of Fluffy and Fido and then check out sites like and

✦ Sell your books. Go through your bookshelves. Are you hanging on to your old college textbooks? Are you really going to read A Tale of Two Cities ever again? You can sell books online or at any local second-hand bookshop.

✦ Sign up for consumer focus groups. Corporations and nonprofits doing market research need opinions from regular people. Make yourself available for focus groups, and you could earn $50 to $100 or so for an hour or two of sharing your thoughts and reactions to ideas.

✦ Sell your unused gift cards. Maybe you have a gift card from a store that doesn’t have any outlets in your area. Selling it online can help someone else and can add money to your pocket that you wouldn’t see otherwise.

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