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I’ve Just Created a New Program,
That If I Had It Last Year Would Have
Slashed An Additional $537.03 Off What
You Paid For Your Vehicles Repair Bills!

Read On To Learn How…

It’s true! No gimmicks, no strings attached, new for this year, I’ve developed a program that will give you a whopping 20% discount no matter when your vehicle needs service, no matter what service it needs, any time of the year, no matter what.

Hi, this is Jon Taglialatela and I would like to take this opportunity to personally inform you about our newly forming VIP membership program. Many of you are already Car Care Club members, so you already enjoy the benefits of being a Professional Auto Care Preferred Client. Now I’ve come up with a program that’s even better. I’ve decided to make life simpler and easier for all of my best clients. I’ve created a new program that will reward my best clients by giving them a huge 20% discount on any service we provide. You’ll always have the coupon, and always get the discount. Simple, easy, the way it should be.

You see I’ve been running the Car Care Club program for several years now, and we have hundreds of people taking advantage of it. It’s a great program and people love it. We love being able to give our clients great discounts and reward them for being loyal to Professional Auto Care. But, again and again, I’ve been hearing some of you remark, “Isn’t there a discount for (insert any service here) on my Car Care Club Card?” Or, “It’s hard to keep track of all the specials and offers you have. Can’t you make it easier for me?” These comments got me thinking. “How can I reward my best clients with the very best discount? How can I give them 20% off, not just when it’s good for me, but when it’s good for them!”

Then it hit me like the proverbial ‘train wreck’! I’ll create a new program that gives my best clients the BEST discounts, the BEST service and I’ll throw in all the other goodies I can think of into one exciting and fantastic deal and they can use it everyday!

Introducing Our VIP Membership Program

So here’s how it works. When you sign up for the program, you determine what membership level you would like, and at the beginning of each month we will charge your credit card that amount and hold that in an account for you to use on your vehicle repairs.

Here’s where it gets really exciting for you…

No matter what membership level you choose, you will receive 20% more than your investment! For example, let’s say you decide to go for the Gold Level where your investment would be $50, and you would receive an additional $10 gift certificate every month PLUS all the extra GOODIES I’ve decided to throw in. These certificates have no expiration date, and can be used by anyone you decide. It’s Like getting a 20% return on your money!

Further benefits of being a VIP member…

  • Your VIP Gift Certificates NEVER expire, so you can use them whenever you need them.
  • Use your VIP Gift Certificates for ANY auto repairs we perform.
  • Use them for your own vehicle or give them as a gift.
  • The VIP Program helps you budget your vehicle expenses and take the bite out of any unexpected future repair costs.
  • Free local towing with any repair (within 5 miles).
  • In addition, you’ll get exclusive extra bonuses throughout the year.
  • VIP members get priority scheduling. You get your vehicles checked and serviced first for guaranteed faster turnaround.
  • Free loaner car. As a VIP member, we will reserve a loaner car for you on the day of your appointment.
  • Additional ‘Year End’ bonus certificate. Like getting another FREE month!
  • Cancel Your VIP Membership at any time with just a phone call.
VIP Membership Levels
(membership is non-transferable)
Silver Level

Monthly membership fee of $25 is charged directly to your credit card. You will receive a Gift Certificate worth $5 each month you’re a member!

And… as an additional bonus you’ll receive an extra $25 Gift Certificate on the 12 th month absolutely free.

Gold Level

Monthly membership fee of $50 is charged directly to your
credit card. You will receive a Gift Certificate worth $10 each month you’re
a member!

And… as an additional bonus you’ll receive
an extra $50 Gift Certificate on the 12 th month absolutely free.

Platinum Level

Monthly membership fee of $100 is charged directly to your
credit card. You will receive a Gift Certificate worth $20 each month you’re
a member!

And… as an additional bonus you’ll receive
an extra $100 Gift Certificate on the 12 th month absolutely free.

We did the math for you. Just look how quickly your VIP Club Savings add up!
Month # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Total
Silver Level
Your investment $25 $25 $25 $25 $25 $25 $25 $25 $25 $25 $25 $25 $300
Your VIP Certificate $30 $30 $30 $30 $30 $30 $30 $30 $30 $30 $30 $55 $385
Gold Level
Your investment $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $600
Your VIP Certificate $60 $60 $60 $60 $60 $60 $60 $60 $60 $60 $60 $110 $770
Platinum Level
Your investment $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $1,200
Your VIP Certificate $120 $120 $120 $120 $120 $120 $120 $120 $120 $120 $120 $220 $1,540

I’ve extracted the data from my computer and if the calculations are correct, if I had this program last year, being a member would have saved you at least $537.03!

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By joining our VIP program, there’s no clipping coupons, no missing out on our best deal. This is the best deal I’ve ever offered, bar none.

Join our silver, Gold, or Platinum VIP Club. It’s the only way to make your Auto Repair dollars GROW INSTANTLY by 20%!

I’m certain you can see how this can really add up! Not only will this help you by giving you a 20% discount, but you’ll also be able to budget your repairs and never feel that pain of an unexpected repair bill again.

I’m excited about this program and I’m sure you can see how the savings can really add up for you. This will…

Save Yourself Time AND Money

I’m sure you’re saying to yourself now, “OK, so what’s the catch?” Well, if you’ve been a Professional Auto Care client for any length of time, you should know by now that there is no catch. Like so many times before, I’m just giving my very best customers my very best offer. It’s what I like to do. I also know that this program isn’t for everyone. Not everyone wants to save money, or is interested in having a relationship with their repair shop. But for those of you that enjoy the best and want to special treatment that a VIP member gets, now you can enjoy that at here as well.

Space is Limited – You Must Act NOW!

Since the new VIP members will get priority scheduling, big discounts, and the best we have to offer, we cannot accept an unlimited number of people into this program. So I’m limiting the number of members to 20 and once the space is full, that’s it. I simply cannot afford to give this discount to everyone, and give everyone the other benefits I’m including with this program.

Just fill out the form below and we’ll start your membership immediately. I hope you can see the tremendous benefit of becoming a VIP member, and I look forward to seeing YOU as one of our VIP preferred clients.

If you have any questions or concerns, or you help deciding what membership level is right for you, stop by the shop and talk with me. We can look at what you spent last year and look forward to what your vehicles’ needs might be coming up, then setup a plan that’s right for you. Please do not hesitate to contact me and I will answer any of your questions personally. You can call me at 421-8193 .

Best Wishes,

Jon Taglialatela


Professional Auto Care Inc.

P.S. Remember, there is NO RISK to you. As always, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

P.P.S. Anyone you decide can use your Certificates!

P.P.P.S. The VIP membership makes a great gift to that poor college student!

Remember when the limited number of members is reached, this special is over – forever!

Become a VIP Member Now!

YES!I want to take advantage of Professional Auto Care’s VIP membership and receive 20% off all of my Car Repair and Maintenance needs, plus free local towing with any repair, and all the other benefits listed above. I understand that my satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and that if for any reason I can’t or don’t use the money set aside for repairs, I can receive a full and complete refund of the purchase price, and keep the Gift Certificates as my gift for trying out the VIP membership. WOW – that’s generous!


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