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Turn Your To-Do List Into A Delegation Worksheet

Not sure what to delegate? Try this simple exercise: Make a to-do list of all your regular duties, the tasks you perform every day, week or quarter. Then look at every item and decide if you can delegate it to an employee. Since they’re all tasks you’ve done before, you’ll have a good idea of […]

Cheap Food!

To make a meal that will stretch into infinity and beyond, you can create a simple pasta dish. Choose a pasta first, and there are many kinds from spaghetti through to the “chunky” ones such as rigatoni. If your family has an allergy to gluten then spaghetti made from corn is about one of the […]

Get (sort of) Rich…(sort of) Quick…

Get (sort of) Rich…(sort of) Quick… Need to make some extra cash? You probably won’t get rich with these money-generating ideas, but you can take the results to the bank (even if it’s only your piggy bank): ✦ Sell photos to stock photo websites. Stock photography sites offer generic photos of landscapes, animals, and other […]