Apply Coffee Directly To Your Skin!?

Don’t have time for a cup of coffee? Or maybe you just don’t care for the taste? A new product developed by a Harvard undergraduate and an internet entrepreneur may let you get your fix directly through your skin. “Sprayable Energy” as its called, is a topical caffeine spray that permeates the skin and passes […]

Turn Your To-Do List Into A Delegation Worksheet

Not sure what to delegate? Try this simple exercise: Make a to-do list of all your regular duties, the tasks you perform every day, week or quarter. Then look at every item and decide if you can delegate it to an employee. Since they’re all tasks you’ve done before, you’ll have a good idea of […]

Cheap Food!

To make a meal that will stretch into infinity and beyond, you can create a simple pasta dish. Choose a pasta first, and there are many kinds from spaghetti through to the “chunky” ones such as rigatoni. If your family has an allergy to gluten then spaghetti made from corn is about one of the […]

In Dreams, You Can Control Your Reality

The summer hit movie Inception explored the idea of controlling one’s dreams. Although that featured collapsing cities and struggles in zero gravity, the concept of guiding your own dreams isn’t so outlandish. “Lucid dreaming” can allow you to fly, conquer nightmares, and solve real-life problems. Here’s how to take control of your nighttime visions: ✦ […]

Share your Halloween plans!

Carve Out Time For A Family Project: Jack-O-Lanterns One pleasant way to spend a day in October is to carve Halloween pumpkins with your family. Here are some tips on carving the perfect jack-o-lantern: ✦ Draw a pattern for the pumpkin face on a piece of paper. ✦ Trace your design onto the pumpkin’s exterior. […]