Monthly Archives: December 2010

In Dreams, You Can Control Your Reality

The summer hit movie Inception explored the idea of controlling one’s dreams. Although that featured collapsing cities and struggles in zero gravity, the concept of guiding your own dreams isn’t so outlandish. “Lucid dreaming” can allow you to fly, conquer nightmares, and solve real-life problems. Here’s how to take control of your nighttime visions: ✦ […]

Share your Halloween plans!

Carve Out Time For A Family Project: Jack-O-Lanterns One pleasant way to spend a day in October is to carve Halloween pumpkins with your family. Here are some tips on carving the perfect jack-o-lantern: ✦ Draw a pattern for the pumpkin face on a piece of paper. ✦ Trace your design onto the pumpkin’s exterior. […]

Get (sort of) Rich…(sort of) Quick…

Get (sort of) Rich…(sort of) Quick… Need to make some extra cash? You probably won’t get rich with these money-generating ideas, but you can take the results to the bank (even if it’s only your piggy bank): ✦ Sell photos to stock photo websites. Stock photography sites offer generic photos of landscapes, animals, and other […]