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Our Unique 10 Step Repair Procedure

We’re out to change your mind about what getting your auto serviced should be like. We’ve got the best auto repair facility in Rochester, NY and the surrounding area, period.

Before we touch a thing on your auto, we start out by listening to you and what you have to say about the problem! Our experience guides us to asking questions that will help pinpoint what the problem is, even if we’re just on the phone. The root cause of the problem may not be what you think or have been told it is, which often times ends up saving you lots of money.

Upon arriving for your appointment, we then start our process…

  1. We’ll document exactly what you tell us you are experiencing – listening for all the details and symptoms.
  2. Then, we’ll assign one of our technician’s that is best suited to your auto’s particular problem, based on his experience.
  3. We will often times, test drive the auto right along with you to help narrow down a noise or problem. If you’re not around, we still test drive the auto to determine if we can see, hear, or feel what you described.
  4. Then, we start our exclusive 68 point inspection process. We look at the whole auto from top to bottom. This process prevents us from missing the ‘root cause’ of the problem, and prevents return visits to ‘fix it right’. As we go through the Professional Auto Care Vehicle Inspection that checks out over 68 different electrical and mechanical areas of your auto. We rank them as Needing Immediate Attention, Recommended, or Acceptable.
  5. At this point, we call you with our estimate based on what we’ve uncovered so far, before we begin the repair process. We’ll make sure to get a hold of you somehow, we’ll call your cell, e-mail you, or if necessary, fax you so we discuss what we found with you directly.
  6. We won’t begin the repair process until you’re comfortable with what we’re going to do, and thoroughly understand what the repairs and process will be, and the costs involved. Then and only then, do we begin the repair work. (Also, to save time, we frequently order any necessary parts ahead of time, So by the time our conversation is done, and you’ve ok’d the work, the parts will already be there.) This saves us both tons of time. By doing this we’re 100% more efficient than others in our industry, and we can complete 99% of our repair work in one day.
  7. Once we’ve got your approval for any necessary work, we’ll give you an estimate of the expected time when you can plan on picking up your auto.
  8. After all this, now, finally, our expert technicians go to work, fixing and maintaining your auto, guaranteed to do it right the first time.
  9. Once the repairs are completed, a test is preformed, in our shop on our electronic equipment to ensure it was done right. Then, we take your auto on another test drive to make sure we corrected the problem.
  10. Finally, we’ll give you a call and let you know your auto is ready and make any necessary arrangements with you to pick up your auto.

When we say we’re the BEST auto repair facility in Rochester, NY and the surrounding areas, we mean it!

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P.S. We often times will call you afterward to ensure everything is going smoothly for you and your car!

P.P.S. And, after completing that entire process, we back up all of our work with our exclusive 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty – covering both parts and labor, that’s 3 times longer than anyone else! – See our page on our warranty for more information.

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Since 1991, Jon Taglialatela has been hard at work building a truly unique auto repair facility, and providing auto repair services of the highest quality, the very best Rochester has to offer. Our staff is comprised of experienced auto repair experts so when your vehicle stumps others, and you have no idea what the problem might be, we can help you with a pinpoint check and nail the problem quickly and correctly, every time. Rochester consumers have repeatedly recognized us as the single most dependable auto repair team, that also is uniquely specialized for exhaust repair – many times, saving people thousands of dollars. Other Rochester auto repair providers don’t always have the latest technology and top-notch professionalism. However, being an expert car mechanic Rochester drivers will appreciate the profound difference with our service. We will carefully and lovingly take the time to pinpoint the auto problems you might be experience. Also, when it’s time for some routine maintenance, there simply isn’t anyone that can do it faster or more thoroughly than we can. When you are in need of an expert auto mechanic, no matter if your in Fairport, Pittsford, Penfield or Rochester, the team at Professional Auto Care is your ideal auto repair shop. Take your time, and explore the many pages of pro-autocare.com for valuable coupons, informative articles, and other online resources from the hardest working auto repair garage in the Rochester area, if not the country.