Available Services

In general, if it's related to your car, and it's broke, We CAN fix it! (And if we can't we'll tell you who can.)

Electrical System Diagnostics - starter, alternator and computer systems.

Complete Transmission Service - Including overhauls as necessary.

Total Vehicle Maintenance - Manufacturer recommended maintenance intervals computer tracked. You don't have to take your car to the dealer to keep your warranty intact.

Exhaust Systems - We install a better quality part than those "chain" muffler shops. You can expect our exhaust parts to last 2-3 times longer, and here they're installed by an ASE certified technician.

Timing Belts - All makes and models.

Computer System Analysis - ABS, TCS, Check Engine Light, SRS, and all those other 'Warning' lights that may come on.

Brakes - All systems including Anti Lock Brake Systems.

Tires - We have tires for any size vehicle, with better quality and guarantee than those 'Discount' retailers.

Alignments - 4-wheel computerized.

Engine Work - Head gaskets to complete engine overhauls and everything in between.

Other Vehicle Systems - Power steering, cooling systems, batteries, etc...

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